Phoenix Police Honors Man Who Saved Teen From Violent Assault

by Duke Magazine

The Phoenix Police Department honored a man who protected a teen girl from a horrific assault on February 1. According to FOX 10, the juvenile girl was waiting for her boyfriend in downtown Phoenix when she was approached by a man who assaulted her.

A man is seen approaching a girl coming around the corner of a street in CCTV footage from the event. The girl tries to get away from the man, but he grabs her by the neck and drags her away. Following that, there is a struggle.

However, when a bystander, identified as Josh Jones, notices the continuous abuse, he intervenes. Jones is successful in rescuing the teen from the suspect. He then takes him into custody until the cops come. When the police arrive on the scene, the footage shows the good Samaritan sitting on the male suspect.

On March 22, the Phoenix Police Department presented Jones with a Citizens Award for his bravery. Jones stated, “I just did what I thought was right.”

“It takes a unique kind of individual to go forward and manage this. “We’re looking for people!” According to 12 News, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams also stated.

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