Lamar Odom Is Set To Have His Celebrity Boxing Match Against Aaron Carter

by Duke Magazine

Lamar Odom is set to step in the boxing ring to fight Aaron Carter in his very first Celebrity Boxing deal.

Lamar Odom has been through hell and back over the past few years and through it all, he has triumphed and come out stronger than ever. Lamar has shown us that when you get knocked down, you always have to get back up. Recently, Lamar revealed he was having issues with his ex-girlfriend Sabrina Parr, which somehow led to her locking him out of his Instagram account, even though he was using it. 

With Lamar barely ever using social media, many suspected him addressing the situation meant he probably had a major business announcement coming soon and needed access to his socials to promote it. However, it was revealed Lamar inked a celebrity boxing deal and would be stepping in the boxing ring this summer. At the time, there was no word about who he would face, but now, that mystery has been solved.

Odom is set to box former child star and singer Aaron Carter in Atlantic City at the Showboat Casino. The match will go down June 12th and be a three-round exhibition-style match. After Jake knocked out Nate Robinson, celebrity boxing has been in high demand and Lamar is cashing out. Plus, luckily, has an opponent he has a great chance of beating, instead of a dummy mission against someone like Floyd Mayweather, who is fighting Logan Paul later this year.

This one will certainly be interesting given the stark differences between both celebrities. The 41-year-old former basketball player is 6’10”, towering over 33-year-old Carter who is 6’1.” Both men have one thing in common though, which is their pasts with addiction.

Back in 2015, Lamar experienced a near-fatal accident after he suffered several strokes and heart attacks resulting from an overdose.

Aaron Carter has been open in the past about his struggles with drug abuse and sought help for his excessive prescription drug and opioid use in 2017.

TMZ noted that both stars have been training like crazy in preparation for the big fight. Although Aaron might seem as though he is no match up against Odom, Carter revealed to TMZ Sports that he “grew up street fighting” and that he believes he definitely has what it takes to win.

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