Happy Birthday To Ayan De First – Mr. Culture

by Duke Magazine

Honorary mention is given to a global cultural icon who uses the talking drum as a vehicle for expressing Black culture. Ayanwole Ayantuga, popularly known as Ayan De First – Mr. Culture is reputed for performing at some of the most prestigious events in Africa and Europe.

To promote African culture, Ayan De First founded the Oduduwa Talking Drummers, a group of traditional drummers. As an African cultural ambassador in the United Kingdom, he is a role model for many black people who are enthused with African arts.

The exuberance of his art as a talking drummer has availed him the opportunity of playing at top-notch events, including at Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebration in 2002.

However, he is not a newbie in appearing in all British national newspapers and on all British Television channels. He also teaches Nigerian and African culture, works within educational sectors, offers drumming lessons to willing pupils, as well as shows them how to play cultural instruments.

In 2019, Ayan De First performed at the City of London’s annual banquet for the second time, where he aroused the delight of the crowd with his wonderful display of Nigerian and African music. In offering an appreciative gesture for his contribution, the Lord Mayor of London, William Russell, decided to make Ayan De First a Liveryman of the city.

Continue to bask in greatness as you hoist the glory of African culture.

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