George Mural Unveiled As Family Celebrates His 47th Birthday

by Duke Magazine

On Wednesday, October 14, George Floyd was celebrated on what would have been his 47th birthday. His friends and family gathered in his hometown, Houston, to pay tribute by unveiling a mural painting to honor him.

Across the United States, Black Life Matters supporters came together around shrines or murals to celebrate Floyd, who died following an arrest last May.

For the family, these demonstrations are a way to continue the fight for change.

“Let’s get justice and make sure we can change the world, just like George wanted to do”, said Family member of George Floyd

Floyd died from suffocation after a police officer knelt on his neck for more than 8 minutes during an arrest on May 25th. 
Rodney Floyd, George Floyd’s stressed the importance of the upcoming presidential elections “Let’s get out and vote and show our ancestors and everyone if we be the change, fight for the change, we’ll get the change” 

For the family, change will have to come through the next president put in office, after the November elections.

Police brutality had become a key issue during the campaign, prompting candidates to weigh in, whilst protests and violent unrest took place in all of the United States biggest cities.

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden even posted on Twitter that he had made “a promise to his family that I won’t let him become just another hashtag”, adding he would focus on the issue, should he become president.

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