Black-Owned Tech Firm Receives Patent For Smartwatch That Could Save Life

by Duke Magazine

A patent has been given to Better Life Technologies Group, Inc. for its wristband or smartwatch that can detect glucose and pathogens without being invasive. This includes COVID-19 and any variant. The outlet said it could be used to find cancer without doing anything to the body.

“There are a lot of ways to use this technology. Better Life is now ready to make, sell, or work with intellectual property (IP) firms to improve the world’s healthcare system. So, we’re making a change to let other IP firms join in on this revolutionary technology, said George McKinney, the company’s founder, and CEO.

“The goal of this change is to make a version of our technology that is ready for the market. We think this could make COVID much less likely to spread. This version will be completely small and have all the wireless communication features we need,” he said.

The company wants to get approval from the FDA and all market certifications. It also wants to sell a version of its technology that does not need approval from the FDA. It will be a product that can be mass-produced and sold under a license.

McKinney said, “For this phase, it’s important that we work with an organization that can not only pay for development but also helps with it technically.”

Black News says that this stage will speed up the process of making more patents. This stage has three steps: miniaturization, validation, and going to market. McKinney said that these steps will be done with the help of IP development firms that can move the process along.

“Finally, to sum it up, their device will find the specific signature of any chemical composition in the human body, such as cancer, magnesium, calcium, or hormone levels,” Black News said. This will be done by the company’s new, secret way of detecting gases as they come out of the epidermal layer of the skin.

Overall, Better Life’s device or glucose diagnostic system is good news for people who are afraid of needles at the doctor’s office and for older people who have trouble finding veins.

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