Black Excellence: Meet The Famous Ghanaian Doctor In the Czech Republic

by Duke Magazine

Popularly known in the Czech media as “an angel among healthcare workers,” Baba Musah, 36, was born in Bolgatanga, Ghana, and is best known for his work helping mothers deliver their babies without injury or risk. Both of his parents were employed by the nursing school where he was born; his mother was a cook.


Throughout his childhood, Musah recalls being shy when he spoke to girls. He had no idea he would one day become a gynecologist. Faced with so many difficulties, he imagined himself in the robes of a priest. However, he was inspired to pursue a career in medicine when he had the opportunity to witness the birth of a baby at the beginning of his studies.


Musah, a Ghanaian high school student who excelled in physics, mathematics, English, and agriculture, decided to pursue a scholarship in the United States. To begin with, he applied for and was denied for a scholarship to study pharmacy in Russia due to technical issues. In 2005, he went to the Czech Republic and was successful in his endeavors.


Awonseba, Patrice At the Institute for Mother and Child Care (PMD) in Prague-Podol, Baba Musah is the head of the ambulance service. During his medical training, Musah spent time in the Czech Republic learning how to overcome his fear of swimming.


There were an estimated 14 million people in 1992, according to Musa. “In many settlements across the river, I believe the census was never taken at that time.” As a result of improvements in medical care and the survival of many newborns, the country now has a population of 28 million people. When it comes to birth, “superstitions can be combined,” he says.


“Some parents prefer to give birth on a specific day so that they can give their child a name on that particular day. Some issues arise when they start having children again. For a child to become king, the royal family requires that he or she be born on a specific date “He goes on to explain.


After receiving a scholarship to study pharmacy, I discovered that I had always wanted to be a doctor. A teacher at a language school in Mariánské Lázn, a town in the Cheb District of the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic, claimed, “I’m not the worst student that I could study medicine.” A doctor, Musah said, “She made me apply to medical school, and it worked.”


This doctor who chose to stay in Czechoslovakia after graduating was nominated for an Angel among healthcare professionals award and won first place in the highest medical award given to medical practitioners in the Czech Republic because of his charm and jovial demeanor. The Minister of Health, Adam Vojtch, was also in attendance to offer his congratulations to the winners.

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