Akon Gets Land To Build Second Futuristic City In Uganda

by Duke Magazine

American musician and business mogul, Akon, has set his sights on constructing a second futuristic and cryptocurrency-based city on the motherland, with the East African nation of Uganga in view this time around.

In a statement on Monday, the Ugandan government announced they had reached an agreement to allocate the Senegalese-American singer a piece of land worth a square mile for the “Akon City” project, Revolt reported.

However, the state-of-the-art project is expected to be completed by 2036 and transactions in the city will be done through his “stellar-based” AKoin cryptocurrency. The cost of the project was not disclosed though the one in his native Senegal is reportedly valued at around $6 billion.

Asked if the country’s locals would be able to afford the services the city would be offering once complete, the ‘Freedom’ crooner answered with optimism. “I know if I put it there, they’re going to find a way to afford it because it’s going to motivate them,” he said.

“But ultimately when you create an opportunity, people grow with that opportunity, people learn with that opportunity, people are motivated with that opportunity.”

The news of the Uganda project comes on the back of a similar $6 billion one in his native Senegal. In an interview with the Associated Press in 2020, the 47-year-old revealed construction was set to commence this year.

Born Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, the pop singer had earlier shared his plans of building the city in 2018, describing it as “a real-life Wakanda” in reference to the Afro-futuristic city in Marvel’s movie, Black Panther. He also said the city will similarly use the AKoin cryptocurrency.

Also, Akon said he hoped the project would create jobs for locals in the West African nation as well as serve as a “home back home” for Black Americans and other people in the diaspora who are being racially discriminated against.

“The system back home treats them unfairly in so many different ways that you can never imagine. And they only go through it because they feel that there is no other way,” he told the Associated Press. “So if you’re coming from America or Europe or elsewhere in the diaspora and you feel that you want to visit Africa, we want Senegal to be your first stop.”

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