Adolph Dagan: Founder Of The First International African Market In Clarksville, Tennessee

by Duke Magazine

Adolph Dagan and his wife Kafui wanted to open up an international market after his military career in 2009. Dagan, as he is called by his fellow veterans, hails from Daganhoé in Togo, West Africa, a name that means Dagan Town. Dagan Africa Market celebrated its first year in operation on July 20, 2020, the day of his birth.

Looking back over the year-long journey, the family celebrates and acknowledges their long hard journey to offer their 1,000 square foot facility to customers who have traveled more than 500 miles from as far as Alabama, Kentucky, and all parts Missouri and Illinois to frequent their establishment offering authentic foods, clothing, beauty products, artwork, and other great finds from the people of the Caribbean, Africa, and other international favorites.

Trained as a high school French teacher, the family saved thousands of dollars from 2009 to 2019 to start a business in the heart of a thriving community populated with active-duty military and their families as well as retired veterans. Dagan and his family worked hard in order to prepare to take ownership of a premier African market that fulfilled the needs and expectations for the community of more than 250,000 residents in the Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Clarksville, Tennessee community. And all of the struggles turned out to be worth it as his company, Dagan African Market, Inc. became the first African market in the city.

One of the challenges in a military town is that many can open businesses, not many can maintain a revenue-generating establishment.

Realistically, as Dagan continues to climb up the ladder of success, he and his family fully expect to become millionaires within 10 years. As they plan to open up a restaurant and increase their inventory. He and his wife and their children are also looking to incorporate an online store, and even a direct custom order service for drums, wood pieces, and other original organic African artifacts.

With the family’s good reputation and dedication to customer service, Dagan and his family caught the attention of people who said, “These are a good family.” The family hopes to become the largest African and international store in the Tennessee and Kentucky area.

They are passionate about serving patrons and veterans from the islands, Africa, the Caribbean, Spanish and European nations. Dagan says if you want to succeed, you have to work very hard.

As a poor citizen of Togo, West Africa, Kafui and Adolph treasure their homeland and support churches and schools in their village of Daganhoé and Togo. They also collect school supplies, medical supplies, and clothes to send back to Africa and plan to establish a hospital and additional schools once their business hits the one-million-dollar revenue mark.

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