A N3.3 billion plausible donation from BUA Abdulsamad Rabiu, bringing COVID-19 fight support to about N7 billion

by Duke Magazine
Abdulsamad Rabiu

The chairman and founder of the BUA Group and the BUA Foundation, Abdul Samad Rabiu, is becoming an enigma of philantropy worthy of emulation for his humanitarian support for his dear country, Nigeria. The billionaire businessman who has been showing a keen support to provide succor to Nigerians from the web of the ravaging coronavirus that has entangled all works of life to a stand still, it is evident that he is ready to be part of the saving grace for the ruins engulfing the country, most especially the vulnerable at this time.

In addition, to the N3 billion in cash, food items, medical supplies and infrastructure that business icon donated to the government, Abdul Samad Rabiu has in a breathtaking style redoubled his efforts to help his fatherland contain the COVID-19 pandemic by making available through BUA Foundation N3.3 billion.

Both cash and food donations value at over N3 billion has been provided to the government by Abdulsamad Rabiu, through his BUA foundation, and this time again, he is relieving the country off its burden of containing the deadly virus by making an extra donation of N3.3 billion. 

This is a humongous contribution especially when businesses in the country are on the verge of collapse, liquidation and obliteration.

Abdulsamad’s total donation is now pitch at an approximate of N7 billion, which is indeed a high level of generosity to humanity at this scourging time.

Apparently, the vision of the BUA Group has always been towards driving a passion in making differences and giving to the needy. This mind blowing act of his, is a great flag being raised to the billionaire league members in the country to do more. 

Observing with deep concern, the increased rate of spread of the coronavirus especially in Kano and Lagos despite concerted collective efforts to curb the spread ad effects of the virus in Nigeria,Considering the huge concern towards the spike of confirmed cases of the virus in Lagos and Ogun States, there is a need to manage the situation to a minimal, hence, Abdul Samad Rabiu decided to commit a N3.3 billion-grant to a working group made of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, the NCDC and other stakeholders in equipping two existing permanent facilities in Kano and Lagos states whilst partnering with the teaching hospitals in those states.

Society Watch gathered that the commitment is immediate through the BUA Foundation, making two grants of N2 billion for the Kano-based intervention and N1 billion for Lagos State. In addition, a sum of N300 million will be made available immediately in cash to the presidential task force to assist with logistical and operational activities of the task force. The financial aid is a plus to BUA’s initial contributions to the private sector-led CACOVID coalition and donations to other states.

The BUA Foundation also made it known that it has released the cash sums of N600 million to the following states today, namely: N100 million each to Kwara, Kaduna, Ekiti, Rivers and a sum of N200 million to Lagos State (different from the N1 billion health infrastructure intervention grant already provided to equip a permanent health facility in Lagos). These new contributions are also in addition to BUA’s earlier disbursement of N1 billion to the CACOVID Private Sector Coalition with N100 million each to Sokoto, Ogun and Edo states as BUA group continues to be at the fore front of the combat against the pandemic in Nigeria.

 In his statement with respect to the N3 billion donation for health infrastructure intervention in Lagos and Kano states, Abdul Samad Rabiu said, “BUA Foundation is already working closely with the presidential task force, NCDC and other stakeholders on how best to deploy these funds to immediately equip the selected facilities in Kano especially and Lagos within the next few weeks. These grants will be disbursed and monitored in line with globally accepted best practice.”

In addition to his statement, Abdul Samad Rabiu reiterates BUA’s commitment to continuously monitor the situation, and always ready to proffer solution where needed. 

“We need each other to come together in fighting this virus,” he said.

It is expected of those at the duty of disposing these donations should be judicious with its disbursements, and the health facilities fully equipped within the short space of time.

It is crystal-clear that the BUA Foundation is straightening all edges to remit back to Nigeria at this dire time of need with its innumerable relief supports that are shining smile on the faces of people, most especially the vulnerable.

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