No More Divorce: Ne-Yo reconciles with Crystal Smith

by Duke Magazine

For every cloud in the sky, there is always a silver lining. This is the narrative for Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Smith, after weeks of preparing for divorce, later found a reason to keep the union intact. It is crystal-clear that the couple is back together. Ne-Yo confirmed in a recent interview with Chicago’s Kendra G that the current COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders aided in bringing his family back together.

Kendra: We’ve been locked in the house, Ne-Yo. Did you give the pinky ring back? I need for you to give the pinky ring back so it can be a wedding ring again because I know Crystal. I like her.

Ne-Yo: I’ll say this. When you’re faced with a pandemic and you see people dying daily, a bunch of people dying all the time. It really puts things into perspective for you. Like, who’s there for you regardless of whatever. And I’m not talking love. Love is compartmentalized a lot of the times. I’m talking unconditional love. That’s the love that means I don’t give a damn. Rich, poor, famous, don’t nobody know you. Don’t nobody like you. I don’t give a damn, I love you. I have a handful of people like that on the face of the planet. So when this thing went down and all of a sudden it was like hey, it’s not safe to be outside, I said to myself, ‘Ok, if I got to be inside, I want to be inside with people that I know love me beyond a shadow of a doubt. And regardless of what me and Crystal was going through at the time, never did I ever say that I didn’t love her. That never ever happened. I never had anything negative to say about her. Even if you listen to the pinky ring song, it ain’t a diss record. I didn’t say anything foul about her through the whole song. It was just a record about what I was going through at the time and how I chose to deal with it. How I chose to view it or face it or whatever the case may be.

So when I came home. I came home to the people that I love and that’s everybody that I love. That’s my mother, my sister, my four children and my wife. So here we are.”

Previously, Ne-Yo released a single called “Pinky Ring” explaining to everyone that he was back on the market. The singer had blamed their split on their “demons not meshing”. In the weeks of them being single, Crystal was spotted out chilling in Chicago with Ryan Henry.

It is rather a blessing in disguise for the couple amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were able to leverage on the lockdown and quarantine to settle their differences, re-excite their intimacy, and get along well with each other.

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