‘Do Better’- Chadians Beckon New Government

by Duke Magazine

Normalcy is becoming to take its shape back in the Chadian capital N’Djamena following the sudden political and military tussle that shook the country in the last few weeks. Businesses and other means of livelihood have seem resumed back from the hiatus.

The former President Idriss Déby ruled the Sahel country for three decades, with a recent re-election into another five years in office. 

“With him [Idriss Déby] we have experienced change too, but not completely,” said vegetable seller Claudine Mbéhira. 

“We want a good leader. We want his son who replaced him to be like him, but he must do better than his father. If life has to change, that’s fine, but it has to be under the right conditions,” she said. 

However, many Chadians had never seen or imagined any other leader, but with Déby’s demise and funeral last week, they hope that the new government would bring the much-needed change.

“Since the national army has decided to appoint the president’s son as president, we have no choice. We just want things to go well,” said Diamane Mahamane, a taxi driver.

A military junta headed by Mahamat Idriss Déby, the former President’s son took over power shortly after announcing the President’s death as a result of injuries sustained during a visit to the battlefield.

World powers, like France, the US, and China appear to have endorsed the army’s actions despite protests by the political opposition.

Despite being an oil producing country, poverty is still highly prevalent in Chad, with unfavorable climate change that has greatly impacted the country.

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