Black Excellence: This Chicago Boy Makes History As The First Student To Get Perfect ACT Score In His High School

by Duke Magazine

Mario Hoover, a West Side Chicago kid, is being praised for inscribing his name in the history books at his high school. Until Hoover’s amazing academic achievement, no student at Providence-St. Mel School had never received a flawless ACT score in the school’s 42-year existence. That was just altered by Hoover.

Despite being involved in a variety of activities and programs, the high school junior achieved incredible achievement, according to FOX 32 Chicago. In the weeks coming up to the test, Hoover said he enrolled in an ACT prep course and completed practice exams. His preparations for the exam paid off, as he received a flawless score of 36.

“I want others to realize that they, too, can make a difference.” Hoover added, “I’ve been talking a lot today that we’re all capable of more than we believe we are.”
Timothy Ervin, the administrator of Hoover High School, commented on the significance of his success as well. “He is the future of Black history,” Ervin remarked, “in the sense that he has made history in the present that will go on forever.”

Hoover stated that he intends to continue his education at Columbia University in New York. He went on to say that he wants to study neuroscience and music.

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