Black Excellence: Meet Bobbi Peterson, The Dentist Behind The First Black Electric Toothbrush

by Duke Magazine

In Brooklyn, Dr. Bobbi Peterson is one of just three Black female orthodontists. According to Vegas Magazine, she is also the only Black female orthodontist in New York City who owns the building where her clinic is located.

Aces Braces, an orthodontist practice in Brooklyn, was founded by an HBCU graduate. She has been instilling dental hygiene in her community by providing free orthodontic exams on the first Tuesday of each month. According to Vegas Magazine, Peterson is also the creator of the “Big Mouth Brush,” a “innovative, patent-pending battery-operated toothbrush.” The smart toothbrush is designed to shorten teeth brushing time in half.

Peterson is the first African American to design an electric toothbrush as a result of his invention. “I’m looking forward to the launch of my toothbrush,” Peterson told Vegas magazine. “It’s going to be fantastic, and anyone serious about maintaining good oral hygiene will adore it!”

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Her family, she claims, was the source of inspiration for the electric toothbrush. Peterson, a dentist’s daughter, was the youngest in her family but also the most outspoken. She has always been aware of the need for good dental hygiene since she was a child.

Peterson became the only Black-owned manual toothbrush company’s brand ambassador. She wanted to work with the company’s owner to develop an electric toothbrush at the time. However, the proprietor informed her that an electric toothbrush was not feasible. After that conversation, she decided to resign as an ambassador to follow her dream of creating an electric toothbrush.

Peterson, a Howard University graduate, and second-generation African-American dentist launched her first business in 2018 after completing her residency program. She was forced to move to three different areas before she could afford her apartment due to exorbitant rent costs.

“I feel that you have to start something on your own to be successful,” she told Vegas magazine. “Yes, it will be difficult, but no firm will pay you what you are truly worth.” When you become self-sufficient, you can only make as much money as you deserve.”

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