Ayinde Alakoye Sets To Amplify Black Voices Through His App Nēdl

by Duke Magazine

Ayinde Alakoye, a former speech contributor and message advisor to Barack Obama during a 2008 Presidential campaign has remained committed to notch the Black community.

Adroit as a serial entrepreneur in the field of live broadcast, Alakoye is no stranger to building apps. He created iHeartRadio’s mobile app and now he’s crafting his very own company from the ground up to better serve his community.

Through his company Nēdl, Alakoye is on a mission to elevate more Black voices. The platform is a live audio discovery and creation app that allows users to start their own live call-in radio show with just the tap of a button.

From there, the app transcribes, amplifies, and monetizes their words within seconds of them speaking.

“And so that’s what we’ve done with Nēdl, we’ve actually created a product for everyone that uniquely speaks to our needs as Black people to have access to the mic for the first time, in a really unfiltered way and also totally serves the broader audience in every way as well,” Alakoye said.

Aside the community having the ability to use his platform to create, they can also be a part of the larger picture by investing in the company’s latest round powered by Republic.

To date, a total of $24,100 has been reserved and the minimum investment to join in on the company’s success is $150.

Outside of this campaign, Nēdl has reportedly raised $1.6 million in capital to date and is currently backed by Backstage Capital, Sweet Capital, and more.

Nēdl has also served as one out of 12 startups in Google’s inaugural Voice AI Accelerator.

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