Theodore Nyanme: Ghanaian-Born Highly Rated Plastic Surgeon In America

by Duke Magazine

Dr. Theodore Nyame, MD is a Harvard University trained Board Certified Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. Born in Ghana and emigrated to the United States at age 8 with his parents and siblings, the medical doctor works at Charlotte Plastic Surgery and is a highly regarded across America. 

Within a short while of their arrival in the United States, the brothers quickly adapted to American culture, where they advanced through the academic ranks of their peers to end up at the top of their classes. With undergraduate studies coming up, Dr. Nyame decided he was going to ultimately join the medical community and improve the value of life for patients all over the world.

From a very young age, Dr. Theodore Nyame showed a level of desire and dedication towards providing positive outcomes for himself and those around him. Throughout their highly competitive childhood, Dr. Nyame and his brother had an exceptional sibling rivalry. They pushed one another towards the highest level of academic and professional success.

He is a Harvard Medical School Linnane Scholar (Academic excellence and community leadership)

After coming to the realization that the conditions of Ghana leave many of the citizens there in need of reconstructive procedures, Dr. Nyame selected cosmetic surgery as his medical specialty.

During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Nyame attended Cornell University where he graduated top of his class before continuing on to Harvard Medical School. In the United States, he completed his medical studies and plastic surgery training.

Upon receiving his Doctorate of Medicine, Dr. Nyame kicked off what has culminated into an international tour of medical missions and speeches. He uses these opportunities to enhance the quality of information circulated through the industry. He has widely travelled on his medical crusade of spreading information on the latest techniques and technologies to his esteemed peers in the plastic surgery community.

Dr. Nyame has been a recipient of National Medical Fellowships Emerging Leadership Award

The secret to Dr. Nyame’s unconditional passion for results-oriented service to his patients is not a secret at all. “For me, walking out of a treatment knowing that I delivered the best work possible for my patients is most important,” he explains. His promise is to combine experience with personal interest to deliver the best work possible for his patients.

It should be noted that his wife, Sandy is a cardiologist, and the partners were recognized by Charlotte Magazine as the 2020 top doctors in Charlotte. 

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