Money Moves: LeBron James Becomes First Active NBA Player To Hit $1 Billion Mark

by Duke Magazine

LeBron James is no doubt one of the superstars raving the world and his profile is eliciting distinguished laurels for him every year. As a megastar in the NBA, James has widely received international acclaim, most especially, with his recent appearance in Space Jam. Therefore, he can also add movie stars to his large list of achievements. Over the years, the LA Lakers’ power dunker has incredibly garnered hundreds of millions of dollars from many endorsements. 

However, James’ $1 billion milestones had stemmed from both basketball and endorsement earnings. Now, following his appearance in Space Jam, LeBron has finally reached the $1 billion mark, and he is the first NBA player to do so while still being an active player in the NBA. 

According to a new report from Yahoo! Sports, LeBron has made $330 million from his playing career and has earned over $700 million when it comes to endorsements. While LeBron’s net worth isn’t $1 billion, he is well on his way to getting himself closer to that feat, and there is no denying that he has amassed enough wealth to keep his family secure for multiple generations.

As far as his peers are concerned, there are only two players who are even remotely close to LeBron in terms of career earnings, and those men are Kevin Durant and Steph Curry who made $580 million and $430 million respectively.

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