LIFESTYLE: Health benefits of Irish potatoes.

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Health Benefits of Irish Potatoes
Irish potatoes and its health importance

Potatoes are tuber crops with a scientific name Solanum tuberosum.

Irish potatoes are type of white potatoes mainly grown in South America. Potatoes generally helps in the renewal of the body cells, movement, food digestion and good brain development.

This tuber crop is a rich source of carbohydrates, and has high contents of fibre.

It is often seen as an ideal choice for people on diet, as it offers enough energy for the body metabolism without adding weight.

1. Gut health improvement:

Irish potato supply an approximate of 12% of the fibre needed to promote good gut health. It also has a high level of dietary fibre that makes it a perfect choice to aid digestion and regulate the bowel movements.

Irish potatoes on the other hand prevent the body from developing colon cancer.

2. Irish potato aids in digestion:

The Carbohydrates level available in Irish potatoes aid in rapid and easy digestion. This delicacy makes it a good choice for babies and patients who have difficulty in food digestion.

3. Prevention of Scurvy:

Irish potatoes are very rich in Vitamin C, and which prevents deficiency diseases like scurvy. It also prevents the emergence of other symptoms like bleeding gums, cold, and viral infections.

4. Cures Inflammation:

Irish potato is rich in antioxidants, because it contains Vitamin C which repair the wear and tear of the body cells. It is efficient in dealing with both external and internal inflammation issues.

It is composed of Vitamin B6 and potassium to relieve the digestive system inflammation and inflamed intestines. The application of the juice of raw potatoes over an inflammation can provide good relief.

5. It reduces high blood pressure:

Irish potato has the ability to lower blood pressure levels due to its available essential vitamins that can reduce stress and anxiety.

Also, the fibre found in potatoes lowers the cholesterol level, and increases the secretion of insulin in your body. This consequently lowers the blood pressure level in body.

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