Lati Abiola: The Unwavering Best Man Behind Davido’s Success

by Duke

If Davido ever has a white wedding, there’s no doubt that Lateef Abiola, affectionately known as Lati, will stand by his side as his best man. Lati, one of Davido’s oldest and closest friends, has been a cornerstone of his life since the early days of his music career and their time together at Babcock University, where Davido also met his future wife.

The excitement surrounding Davido’s wedding sparked curiosity among fans about who would be his best man. When skit maker Michael Charles, also known as OGB Recent, posed the question on social media, Davido confirmed that Lati would take on this honored role. This revelation brought a wave of attention to Lati, whose steadfast presence in Davido’s life has often been behind the scenes.

Lati’s impact on Davido goes beyond mere friendship; he played a pivotal role in Davido’s relationship with his wife, Chioma. Through viral videos and numerous interviews, Davido has shared how Lati was instrumental in connecting him with Chioma during their university days. Lati’s unwavering support and loyalty have been constants, whether helping with personal matters or being a reliable figure in Davido’s professional journey.

In addition to their deep personal bond, Lati has achieved much in his professional life. He founded the 30BG Motivations YouTube channel, serves as an A&R personnel within Davido Music Worldwide, and manages Davido’s schedule. Lati’s dedication and accomplishments underscore the profound connection he shares with Davido, a relationship that transcends the typical boundaries of friendship and professional collaboration.

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