Black Excellence: Meet The 16-Year-Old Nigerian Programmer Making Millions After They Thought He Was Possessed By The Devil

by Duke Magazine

John Oseni, a 16-year-old Nigerian programmer, recently caused a stir when he revealed that he had received job offers from prestigious Italian companies. Today, he writes code for Flywallet and Cryptonite, two Italian companies that pay him millions of Nigerian Naira.

“They wanted me to go to Italy and say hello to the team, but I declined because I was still working,” he said of the two businesses. “I had an appointment with the Ooni of Ife, who desired to see me. So I had to inform my employers that I would be working remotely for the time being. “I have a passport, but the companies will pay for my trip,” Oseni told Punch.

The 16-year-old began coding at a very young age, and his parents acknowledged that he was possessed. “…They believed the Devil had entered me,” he said of his parents. According to him, his parents were concerned about his safety during his senior year of high school, so they confiscated his laptop.


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However, he purchased a second laptop in secret and used it to write code at night. But thank God they did not prevent me from doing what I love, he said of his parents.

Green Garage taught computer science at Oseni’s high school. The institution then organized a competition in which he placed first out of eighty students.

“They promised to give us a prize but failed to do so,” he recalled. “Therefore, I went to their office to inform them, but when I arrived, I discovered some dusty laptops I could use to learn programming language. Therefore, I requested to use one of the laptops and they agreed, but only for one day.”

Green Garage offered him a one-week code writing training course at the end of the day. “After that week, I had grasped the concept of code writing and secured a teaching position with the company,” Oseni told Digital Times. This occurred during his second year at Command Day Secondary School, Akure, during the Covid lockdown. Oseni was only 15 years old, yet he taught college graduates.

“I instructed 20 to 25 individuals, including corps members, who paid the center to learn…

I became more knowledgeable about blockchain over time and began to receive referrals. My life has been difficult, but God has always been there,” he said.

After completing his coding course, Oseni worked for other companies for free and began writing code professionally in 2021. According to him, he is sometimes paid in cryptocurrency because his account cannot hold more than N1 million ($2,400). He is also establishing his own business.

“I have made millions, more than N10 million ($24,000) I once received N5m ($12,000) in a lump sum while other payments came monthly, some as wages, but I did not purchase a car. I am exerting every effort for my company. Last year, at age 15, I earned my first N1 million ($2,000). I was ecstatic; I felt like the richest man in the world, but I had second thoughts after spending half the money on unnecessary items. “However, I no longer care about earning millions because the money is for my company,” said the young programmer.

Oseni stated, in reference to his own company, that he intends to use renewable energy to power automobiles, cell phones, and other devices. He has not yet registered the company, but he already has research teams in the United States, Canada, and Nigeria. In addition, he has an attorney working out the details. Oseni is also considering returning to school to pursue higher education. He hopes to earn a doctorate in computer engineering.

The young developer has created what he calls the “world’s first blockchain videoconferencing application.” “When I started this, someone said it was impossible, but after months of research and a lot of discouragement, I created the first decentralized and secure blockchain-based videoconferencing application,” he told Digital Times.

“It has features distinct from Google Meet and Zoom. I accomplished this in 2021, and I am optimistic about my prospects for 2022.”

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