Who do you get?! Snoop Dogg wants a Verzuz Battle with Jay-Z

by Duke Magazine

Amid the coronavirus pandemic that is pitching people across the world on quarantine, celebrities and influencers are finding ways of getting their morale boosted in high spirit of fun. In countries like the United States, as some celebrities are feeling nostalgic of how their growing up was, some are craving to try some things they have not been able to do in a long while. Music stars and actors are cooking up different concepts of keeping their fans entertained while everyone is practicing social distancing from the comfort of their homes.

The Verzuz battles, created by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, have shown to be one of the biggest media of easing off boredom that has built so large in people over the past few months, parading match-ups like Boi-1da vs. Hit-Boy and Jill Scott vs. Erykah Badu.

The show is getting more intriguing, as there is constant conversation surrounding who the next battle will be, with some high-profile musicians putting up interest for a chance at competition. This week, Snoop Dogg joined the conversation, letting the world know that if he were to get involved, his opponent would have to be Jay-Z.

 Discussing the topic with Fat Joe on Instagram Live this weekend, Snoop revealed that Hov’s domination of New York is in comparison to Snoop’s success on the West Coast at the very same time.

“Biggie passed away and then Nas had it for a minute,” Snoop started. “And then Jay-Z took it and ran with it for numerous amounts of years. And then 50 Cent came and ran with it for numerous amounts of years. This is me looking in from the outside, looking at New York rap. So to me, it’s either Snoop or Jay Z. Because he’s been the king of New York around the time I was the king of the west.”

It is rather true that so many people will be surprisingly looking forward to seeing Jay-Z take up this challenge with Snoop Dogg, but if he does, who do you get ?

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