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Aly El-Shafei

Aly El-Shafei is an Egyptian academic. He is professor for Mechanical Engineering at Cairo University in Egypt. He is an expert on rotordynamics, machinery diagnostics and vibration analysis.

El-Shafei is prominent for his work on Squeeze Film Dampers.  His technological exuberance for the control of rotating machinery vibration has imprinted three US patents in his name. In July 2017 El-Shafei won the Innovation Prize for Africa for his invention SEMAJIB (Smart Electro-Mechanical Actuator Journal Integrated Bearing). His invention boosts the performance of energy-generating turbines which reduced the costs to produce power. The invention also reduces the need for regular maintenance. Siemens and General Electric (GE) both expressed interest in the invention.

He has written more than 80 papers on machinery diagnostics and rotordynamics. 

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