Man Crush Monday (MCM): Mohamed Bashir Osman

by Duke Magazine

Mohamed Bashir Osman, popularly known as Maxamed Midnimo, is a Somali entrepreneur. He is the founder and creative director of Daauus Creative Design Agency.

Just like the story of every Somali, he had to flee the early years of the country‚Äôs ongoing civil war to the Netherlands, where he grew up as a teenager.

Osman studied graphic design and worked as a community educator in the Netherlands at where he became an active member of the community and later a board member and chairman of the Somali community organization in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Intrigued with a stream of businesses posing opportunities in East Africa, he decided to move back and work on the opportunities he had identified.

In 2013, he spent the year conducting market research and in 2015, with the help of family members, launched Daauus Creative Design Agency.

From the scratch of business, Osman has built a burgeoning company that employs several people, including designers, photographers, sales, marketing, office staff, etc.

In recognition of his continual impact in changing the face of graphics media in East Africa, he has been featured on Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 and also a recipient of the Business of the Year Award in the International Somali Awards.

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