Duke of the Month: Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

by Duke Magazine

The primary essence of living is winning through defeating the conquests of life to assume excellence in that which you do. Life has been touted as a rollercoaster, but even at the brink of it, the doggedness of man still prevails to be the best.

Every success story is not a folktale, but an inspiring story that is geared at instilling innovative creativity in the minds of people with the kind conviction that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

However, being successful is not a singularly acclaimed status of wealth and power, it is solely descriptive of how lives have been positively impacted with the resources at our disposal. It is not a fluke that we rise by lifting others, and that is why every man changing lives and society deserves plausible recognition.

In this November edition of the Duke of the Month, we are celebrating two notable men of timbre and caliber who have been abreast with ensuring the lives of people, especially the underserved children are well served for a better living. In their capacity as social entrepreneurs, different initiatives have been birthed towards ensuring that the world is a better and safer place for all.

Obi Cubana: The Man of the People

Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

Obi Cubana launched his exploits into business with the establishment of Ibiza Club in 2006. This came after he made his first million naira in 1999 while serving as a corp member. The idea behind the club was designed to be a fun hub for party and nightlife lovers. Following the remarkable success of his debut enterprise, the conception of Cubana Group came to life in 2009.

Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

Cubana Group is an entertainment and hospitality conglomerate with a business presence across Nigeria. Some of these establishments are Grand Cubana Hotels, Crave Cubana, Pablo Cubana, Rolex Hotels, Opium Cubana, Gustavo Cubana, etc. In addition, he is already working on having a foray into real estate with the establishment of Cubana Dubai and Cubana Real Estate.


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Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

Obi Cubana’s palpable compassion for the less privileged and passion for humanitarian work has also prompted other projects lined up for the KIEK Foundation which include skill acquisition, talent hunt, and sports competition between Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps.

Peter Spano: The Heart of Social Improvement

Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

Growing from a family of sports enthusiasts, he has been able to create the indelible imprint of excellence. Peter chose basketball as the means to implement his dream for social improvement. Through the importance of sport as a ‘universal language’ that brings people together, Peter has for about two decades been able to dedicate his life and career with a set of core values to harness every possible resource in improving the quality of life of people.

Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

The major focal point in Peter’s initiative is geared at mental health awareness. Mental health is believed to be a serious discourse in the life of many, especially young people, and in coming to terms with this reality, Peter has over time partnered with both local and international organizations to bring mental health into the spotlight for the youths to better understand the requirements of having sound mental health.

Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

In corroboration to his efforts in achieving a sanctimonious and harmonious social interaction between youths, Peter developed an anti-bullying program in nexus to basketball workouts to foster his dream of a society devoid of social vices. This laudable initiative has been featured in both local and international magazines.

Celebrating Outstanding Excellence

In recognition of his social demeanor towards positive change, Peter is a brand ambassador for local and international brands like Coca-Cola, World Series, Budweiser MIA, StoneFire, WV Foundation, etc.

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