Caz Longe: Celebrating Black Excellence In Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

by Duke Magazine

When it comes to the worlds of fashion and investment Alexander Longe simply known by the moniker Caz Longe with more than a decade wealth of experience has applaudably been able distinguish self.

Proudly amongst Nigerians waving the flag high in the diaspora, Nigerian born Business Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist Caz Longe, CEO Longe Restaurant Group, London has become a force reputed for excelling in several fields of endeavour.

The multitalented entreprenuer over the past years honed his skill in the fashion world, establishing self as a style icon and a top notch designer. Alexander Longe’s hugely successful fashion brand- (AL) Couture reputed for beautiful sophisticated pieces with influences drawn from a rich blend of urban and classic style, earns its place as go-to brand among the upwardly mobile in New York, London and Nigeria. His brilliance fetching him the coveted Best Male Designer 2009 award. He also has served as a Life Coach, Mentor, Property Developer, Angel Investor, Technology Consultant in the past.

A glowing resume; amongst the 49 year old’s career achievements, Longe boasts of several successful investments and has vested in a variety of ventures across a range of industries. But even more than personal achievement, Caz is super passionate about giving back to his world and developing society: he serves as a member of the United Way and has held fundraisers for JDRF for juvenile diabetes.

Caz Longe was also honoured with the Young Millionaire 2015 and Mentor of the year 2016 as part of recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions.

He hold a Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Management.

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