Black Excellence: Black TV Personality Gets Absolute Rights To His TV Show, Credit To Tyler Perry

by Duke Magazine

The Christian Television Network (CTN-WHTN) in Middle Tennessee and certain portions of Kentucky has purchased all of the rights to Aaron Jordan, Jr.’s show, which airs on CTN-WHTN.

When Jordan first started his show, Cafe Conversations with Mr. Know Your Worth, he didn’t possess the rights. The show features interviews with people who have achieved great things in their lives. According to Black News, the acquisition will give Jordan access to all of the show’s catalogs and copyrights.

The author and relationship counselor are expected to be able to generate new shows, concepts, and hosting chances as a result of this, according to the site.

“My team and I are looking to explore more acquisition and licensing opportunities,” Jordan was quoted by Black News. “I understand the demand for content, and we have a total of 20 shows currently in the catalog that have aired on a regional network for proof of concept. Also, this can lead to other avenues in the TV entertainment space.”

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Jordan intends to use this acquisition to help young men and women achieve their dreams. To empower and enrich men and women in their relationships, I’m on a mission.” Value yourself by enhancing your ability to overcome adversity. As he proclaims on his website, “Know Your Worth!”

He claims that the historic achievement has been in the works for some time and was inspired by an interview with Tyler Perry, the creator of the hit television program.
“When my brand started to venture into television, my first goal was to get acquired by a network for licensing of my content, but it wasn’t until I saw a replay of an old interview by Tyler Perry stressing the fact of the importance of having ownership of our content and brand that I began to think and ask myself: ‘Do I own my content fully to create leverage?’”

Jordan now believes he has achieved a “very pivotal milestone” due to the leverage that it creates long-term from a generational perspective.

“The decisions and sacrifices made over time create opportunities in the future for my daughter and future children. So this milestone means so much more to me than the present,” he said.

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