Birthday Shout Out To Omoyele Sowore

by Duke Magazine

Omoyele Sowore is a Nigerian human rights activist, journalist, and pro-democracy campaigner. He is notable for crusading sanctity in the sphere of governance with the tool of blogging. As Bobi Wine is to Uganda, Sowore is to Nigeria as the duo poise to chant for fair governance towards the populace. 

His activism stance has been rejuvenating for over three decades when he took part in student demonstrations protesting the conditions of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan of $120 million to be used for a Nigerian oil pipeline in 1989. Also, he led 5,100 students in protest against the Nigerian government in 1992. The protest resulted in police opening fire and killing seven protesters. Sowore was arrested and tortured. 

Working as a blogger with adroit experience, Sowore founded Sahara Reporters in 2006 with the mission to fight against poor government policies and practices.

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