Zizi Cardow: A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous

by Duchess Magazine

The fabric and culture of Nigeria have been successfully showcased on a global scale thanks in large part to Zizi Cardow. She started her own brand, Zizi, which has proudly increased her profile and brought attention to how distinctive and beautiful Nigerian fabric is. She is recognised with popularising the Ankara fabric, which has gained it worldwide recognition as it is now worn to red carpet events all over the world.

Cardow had aspirations of becoming a forensic profiler when she was younger, but her interest in fashion was sparked when she was just 17 and landed her first job in the industry, working at an Italian-owned boutique. Being a well-known African fashion ambassador, her success has led to the inclusion of her creations in numerous international shows in Cape Town, Milan, Paris, the USA, and other locations across the world.

The large and growing list of accolades she has received for her global movement to promote the African fabric over the world is impressive. She won the prestigious Designer of the Year Award at the Nigerian Fashion Show in 2001, just one year after entering the fashion industry. With this accolade under her belt, she gained recognition for her work and had it featured on a major international stage.

Various other honours came to her door in 2002. She won the St. Moritz Style Selection Award, the Nigerian Women Awards, and the DAME Award in recognition of her excellent fashion accomplishments. She increased her profile in the industry starting in 2002 by consistently winning multiple honours. Cardow also received numerous other significant honours, such as the 2010 UN Peace Ambassador, 2010 Global Leadership Award, 2010 Young Achievers Award, 2010 Fashion and Style Award, 2010 Merit Award for African Heritage, 2009 Zenith Award for Excellence, and 2007 African Role Model Leadership Award.

She has a sizable clientele that includes both celebrities and well-known politicians. Leading international media outlets like CNN, SABC, Channel O, and FTV have also featured her. Through a number of mentorship programmes, Zizi Cardow has contributed to society and received recognition for her efforts.

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