Tokunbo Wahab: Championing Equity and Education Reform

by Duke

Mr. Tokunbo Philip Wahab, a seasoned lawyer with over 15 years of experience, boasts an impressive academic background, having graduated from the esteemed Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. He holds memberships in both the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) and the International Bar Association (IBA). Tokunbo’s legal career flourished as he honed his skills at reputable firms such as Paul Usoro & Co, Aluko & Oyebode, and Jiti Ogunye Chambers before becoming a partner at Wali and Ace.

A staunch advocate for equity and justice, Tokunbo has dedicated himself to providing pro-bono legal services to the less fortunate since his early days in law school. Known for his commitment to equal opportunities regardless of social status, he remains deeply involved in charitable work. Married with children, Tokunbo is affectionately referred to as TKW by those who know him well.

Transitioning into the political arena, Tokunbo Wahab emerged as a gubernatorial aspirant in Lagos State in 2014, espousing a bold vision for the future under the slogan “Think Lagos for a tomorrow that works.” Although he did not secure the party’s nomination, his candidacy garnered significant attention, solidifying his presence within the political landscape of Lagos State.

In 2019, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu appointed Tokunbo Wahab as Special Adviser on Education, entrusting him with the task of revitalizing tertiary education in Lagos. Embracing this challenge with enthusiasm, Tokunbo embarked on a mission to address the pressing issues facing the state’s educational system. Recognizing the urgent need for additional universities to accommodate the burgeoning student population, he tirelessly advocated for the accreditation of two new specialized universities by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

His efforts bore fruit in 2022 when the NUC approved the establishment of the Lagos State University of Education and the Lagos State University of Science and Technology. This achievement marked a significant milestone in Governor Sanwo-Olu’s commitment to providing accessible and quality higher education for the youth of Lagos State. Additionally, Tokunbo Wahab spearheaded initiatives such as the Jobs Initiative Lagos and the Digital Skills Initiative Lagos, aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills for success in the modern workforce.

Under his leadership, Lagos State University (LASU) underwent a transformative period, characterized by transparent leadership transitions and strategic collaborations with institutions like Cornell University. Through these endeavors, Tokunbo Wahab has left an indelible mark on the tertiary education landscape of Lagos State, earning widespread recognition for his contributions to the sector.

Tokunbo Wahab’s legacy as a dedicated public servant and visionary leader is assured. Looking ahead to the future, he remains poised to continue making a meaningful impact on the lives of Lagosians, embodying the spirit of service and innovation that defines his career.

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