Safety First: Federal Government and NYSC Collaborate for Corps Members’ Well-being

by Duke Magazine

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members can breathe a sigh of relief as the Federal Government and NYSC prioritise their safety through targeted postings and enhanced security measures.

In response to concerns, the Ministry of Youth Development, led by Ms. Jamila Ibrahim, confirmed that NYSC has stopped sending corps members to states deemed “very unsafe” due to security risks. This policy, already in place in the past, ensures their well-being by strategically assigning them to locations with lower security threats.

Furthermore, Ms. Ibrahim emphasised a collaborative effort between the government and NYSC to address security concerns. They work hand-in-hand with security agencies to guarantee corps members’ safety throughout their service, including during transport between camps and their designated areas.

The government’s commitment extends beyond immediate measures. Ms. Ibrahim mentioned ongoing efforts to modernise the NYSC scheme, including reviewing the corps members’ allowances to better reflect current realities. This demonstrates a continuous effort to improve the programme and provide a valuable and safe experience for all participants.

This news assures prospective and current corps members, their families, and the public. It showcases the government’s proactive approach to safety concerns and its dedication to the well-being of NYSC participants. The collaborative efforts with security agencies and the focus on continuous improvement solidify the message that the safety and security of corps members remain a top priority.

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