Portrait of Misan Harriman: Pioneering Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Social Activist

by Duke

Misan Harriman, born on December 15, 1977, in Calabar, Nigeria, is a distinguished Nigerian-born British photographer, entrepreneur, and social activist. Hailing from a lineage of influence, he is the son of Chief Hope Harriman, a notable businessman and politician from Warri in Nigeria’s Delta State.

Harriman’s educational journey took him to Stubbington House School and Bradfield College in England, and following his studies, he ventured into the world of recruitment in the City of London.

Renowned for his impactful work, Harriman has become one of the most widely-shared photographers associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

His groundbreaking achievements include being the first black man to capture a cover for British Vogue in the magazine’s 104-year history. Beyond his contributions to the arts, in July 2021, Harriman assumed the role of Chair at the prestigious Southbank Centre in London.

In 2023, Harriman expanded his creative repertoire, making his directorial debut with the emotionally charged short film, “The After.” The narrative revolves around a man grappling with the aftermath of losing his family in a stabbing spree and features acclaimed actor David Oyelowo.

Produced by Nicky Bentham for Netflix, the film earned a nomination for Best Live Action Short Film at the prestigious 2024 Academy Awards, solidifying Harriman’s multifaceted impact in the realms of photography, film, and cultural activism.

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