Oyo State Gov Directs the Re-opening of 23 Schools

by Segun

On Thursday, the Oyo State Government issued an order for the reopening of 23 schools in the Atiba, Afijio, Oyo East, and Oyo West local government areas, marking the end of a decade-long closure due to land disputes.

Deputy Governor Bayo Lawal, also the Chairman of the Oyo State Boundary Committee, intervened in the boundary crisis that led to the prolonged shutdown and emphasised that the council chairmen would bear responsibility for any security breach.

Addressing stakeholders at a meeting held in the Western Hall, Secretariat, Ibadan, Lawal urged the chairmen of Atiba, Afijio, Oyo East, and Oyo West to prioritise security and peace in their respective domains.

The move comes as part of ongoing efforts to find a resolution to the longstanding land dispute that has disrupted the education system in these areas for the past 10 years.

Furthermore, he emphasised that the Ministry of Education would assume responsibility for overseeing the reopened schools and take necessary measures to facilitate the return of children to their educational activities.

The deputy governor urged members of the state House of Assembly representing the affected constituencies to collaborate with community leaders to ensure a smooth resumption of schooling for the children.

The list of affected schools includes Community Basic School Obananko, Oyo; Community Basic School Laagbe, Oyo; Pinnock Memorial Baptist School, Aba Epo Oluwatedo, Oyo; Baptist Basic School, Oluwatedo, Oyo; St. Luke Anglican School, Bada Idiyalode, Oyo; L.A. Basic School, Ago Oyo; and Community Basic School, Igbo Olose, Oyo in Oyo West LG.

Other affected schools are Community Basic School Adebimpe, Oyo; Community Basic School, Obasere, Oyo; St. Thomas Anglican School, Alabi Olorunda, Oyo; St. Michael RCM, Apaara Village, Oyo; Methodist Primary School Ajagba, Oyo; Baptist Central School Oniyanrin, Oyo; Bapt Primary School, Aguo, Oyo; and ADS Primary School, Baba Elesin, Oyo in the Oyo East LG.

The remaining impacted schools are L.A. School, Lannite, Oyo; L.A. Primary School, Gudugbu Orile, Oyo; L.A. Primary School, Gudugbu, Oyo; ADS Primary School, Aba Olori, Oyo; ADS Primary Abujakan, Oyo; L.A. Basic School, Alagbon, Oyo; and L.A. Basic School, Imeleke, Oyo, also in the Oyo East LG.

The stakeholders’ meeting witnessed the presence of the Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Salihu Adelabu; the Executive Chairman, State Universal Basic Education Board, Nureni Adeniran; chairmen of the four local governments; traditional leaders; and other relevant stakeholders.

This initiative demonstrates the state government’s commitment to resolving longstanding issues, ensuring educational continuity, and fostering a conducive learning environment for the affected communities. As these schools prepare to open their doors once again, the focus remains on providing quality education and promoting stability in the state.

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