Michael B. Jordan Initiates Diversity Campaign For Black Talent

by Duke Magazine

There is a chant for change across all industries right now, and Hollywood is no exception. In the past month, Black actors and actresses have been utilizing their platforms to speak up for injustice in America and Hollywood as they share their own experiences with racism.

 Hollywood actor, Michael B. Jordan has reportedly announced a new initiative called #ChangeHollywood, which provides action steps for studios, production companies, and agencies to push for more “anti-racist content, authentic Black stories and Black talent.”

Jordan has taken matters into his own hands as he leads the charge for this campaign which he has partnered with Color of Change for the creation of concrete and manageable solutions for Black talent in Hollywood, and which positively contributes to the representation of Black community.

The actor outlined his frustration with the racist institutions in Hollywood via Twitter as he announced the new campaign.

“This roadmap is just the beginning of the journey to racial justice. We are all accomplices in the fight to transform Hollywood, and we invite content creators and industry leaders to join us in working together to #ChangeHollywood,” said Jordan, CEO of production company Outlier Society, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

“We look forward to including a variety of voices in doing what we do best: telling authentic stories, bringing people together, partnering with influential artists, and changing the rules of the game,” he added.

According to USA Today, all four points detailed in the initiative include ways to implement change and recommendations like adopting an inclusion rider, as Jordan has done for Outlier Society, to hire independent security firms over police officers onset and during high-profile events.

This campaign calls for widespread change and commitment from all spheres of the industry to reverse its racist ways.

“The legacy of racism in Hollywood is long and unforgivable: excluding Black talent, silencing Black voices, derailing Black careers, and using the economic power of the industry to prop up police who target and enact violence on Black communities,” said Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change, in a statement reported by the Grio.

She added: “We know from our advocacy that the industry won’t change on its own, so we’re building off our current work to hold Hollywood accountable to offer these resources and a roadmap toward enacting racial justice. From the writers’ rooms to the streets, we are energized and ready to help Hollywood follow through on their statements that Black lives matter.”

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