MI Abaga Launches 2023 with a Homecoming Festival in Jos

by Duchess Magazine

From January 1 to January 2, Jos will host the Incredible Music Festival. This new year is expected to be the most exciting yet, with exceptional performances and networking possibilities. Jude “MI” Abaga and The TASCK Creative Company will endeavor to boost Jos’ creative economy by offering upcoming musicians the opportunity to perform with established musicians who got their start in the lovely city. The occasion will be used as a platform to inspire young creatives to vote in the future elections in 2023.

The Incredible Music Festival, which had a wonderful time in Lagos, is back and this time it’s bringing performers to Jos, where they were born and raised. The experience will include immersive activities such as a networking occasion where aspiring artists can network with established ones, a party to ring in the new year with performers like Jeremiah Gyang, Ruby Gyang, and Panam Percy Paul, and an electrifying homecoming concert with M.I., Jesse Jagz, and Ice Prince as the headliners. Moreover, these legends will provide a platform for up-and-coming musicians from TASCK’s creative ecosystem to play at the performance.

“Jos is a fantastic city with outstanding creatives. If you think about the great artists who have emerged from it, you will realize it has the potential to match Lagos.” Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga, CEO of TASCK says: “We are doing something big with this festival. In addition to making a difference with our message, we are collaborating with the city’s creatives to strengthen their creative economy and promote their talent to the rest of the world.”

At the event, creatives will have the chance to use their platform to generate social impact. Creatives will leverage their influence to persuade audiences to register to vote in the next 2023 elections and collect their PVCs in support of the campaigns #vote4Nigeria, #iregistered, and #sixtypercentofus that are now in progress. The winner of the ongoing #sixtypercentofus contest would receive N500,000 in addition to performing on stage at the IMF, according to MI Abaga.

TASCK continued by announcing that the IMF will also take place in Jos Plateau at a later time. The lineup will feature some of the most exciting artists in the business, including both domestic and international superstars.

The TASCK Creative firm has stayed steadfast in its efforts to enhance Nigeria’s creative economy and close the gap between creativity and influence by establishing significant dialogues and disseminating compelling messages. This event is just one illustration of the company’s amazing influence on creatives, which is a driving force in the entertainment sector.

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