Gabriel Carothers: Young and Dynamic

by Duchess Magazine

Gabriel Carothers, Mexico’s youngest pilot was born in 2002 to a U.S Airforce pilot, now retired. Carothers, who is a native of Albuquerque North Central New Mexico grew up with so much passion for aviation. “My father had a family friend who had an airplane that used to fly us, so, he thought it’d definitely be interesting to take me and my brother up for a flight when we were 5 and 6 years old.”

Following the footsteps of his father, at just 14, he took a bold step by designing and setting up his flight simulator, a feat considered to be rather courageous. According to him, “I had to do research on what went into a computer and then what parts and components were needed to make sure it worked.”

Speaking further, he said, “Learning all the intricate pieces of it, the programming of it in the simulator itself was another thing.”

A couple of days after his 17th birthday, Carothers let out another cat from the bag as he finished his pilot check ride, becoming the youngest pilot in the history of Mexico.

Speaking on his achievements, the teen revealed living an exemplary life of possibilities for fellow youngsters to be his watchword. He stated, “Leaving a trail behind and leaving a path for other kids to follow really lightens up my heart, and to make sure that they have a future no matter what they do.”

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