Engr. Mustapha Kazeem Lusty: Pioneering Excellence in Business and Leadership

by Duke

Engr. Mustapha K. Lusty stands as an accomplished and seasoned Director in the realm of Electrical/Electronic Automated Security Controls, security investigations, and industrial electronic controls.

With a track record marked by success, he showcases exceptional leadership skills in crisis management, negotiation, business planning, operations management, and team building. His commitment to continuous growth and expertise is evident through his dedication to professional development, holding multiple certifications, and being affiliated with prestigious organizations.

As the Managing Director/CEO of Kontz Group, Engr. Mustapha K. Lusty embodies virtues that define a seasoned professional. His expertise extends to delving deep into customer requirements, crafting creative and sophisticated solutions to meet specifications.

He is driven by the motive of providing feasible and subtle solutions, conceptualizing plans, and implementing effective processes to propel business growth. In his role as the founder of Kontz Group, he immerses himself in sales and business development activities, while also overseeing budgeting for the marketing department and fostering strong relationships with existing and new customers.

An agile entrepreneur, Engr. Mustapha plays a pivotal role in transforming Kontz Group into a thriving business empire. His professional approach to decision-making and active involvement in regular business operations distinguish him as a driving force behind the group’s advancement.

Seizing new business opportunities and converting them into avenues of progress, he propels the group to greater heights. Faced with challenging business situations, his level-headed approach remains unwavering, consistently steering toward impactful changes within the industry.

Engr. Mustapha K. Lusty stands as a visionary leader, shaping the future of Kontz Group with his strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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