David Davou: World’s one-of-a-kind selfless soul

by Duchess Magazine

Meet David Davou, a Nigerian who has been patching potholes on the streets of Abuja for the past 30 years.

Twitter user @DoubleOGAdoga was moved by the 60-year-old man’s touching tale, and he took to the social media site to share it.

The tweep revealed that he has known the man since he was 8 years old and was greatly moved by his dedication to repairing roads in Abuja without charge.

The good samaritan claims that recently, when he reached out to the man, he was deeply saddened to learn that he was in lacking and had nothing to his name.

He then started an online fundraising effort to help the man and his family. Thankfully, the tale gained traction, and numerous Abuja citizens confirmed to seeing the man in various neighbourhoods.

In an intriguing new development, the man has now received a brand-new truck as compensation for his exceptional deeds of selflessness and dedication.

Mr. David also received a certificate of service from @DoubleOGAdoga, who is a venture capitalist.

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