Danny Young Teams Up with Odumodublvck for ‘Para’

by Duke Magazine

Nigerian music is buzzing with the latest track from Danny Young, titled “Para.” This catchy tune featuring the trending artist Odumodublvck is taking social media by storm and dominating the radio airwaves. It follows the success of Danny Young’s previous hit, “Afro Riddim,” solidifying his presence in the scene.

Danny Young, who is also a fast-rising star in the vibrant world of Afrobeats, continues to captivate audiences with his musical ingenuity, seamlessly blending his distinctive style with the unique sound of Odumodublvck.

Their latest collaboration, titled ‘Para,’ is already generating buzz, with an accompanying music video in the works. The synergy between Young and Odumodu Blvck promises a dynamic fusion of sounds that is sure to leave listeners enthralled.

During the filming of the music video, Odumodublvck shared insights into the dedication and passion driving their creative process. Despite the late hour, both artists remained tirelessly committed to perfecting their craft. Odumodu’s journey from Colombia to join Young for this project underscores the depth of their collaboration and the lengths they are willing to go to bring their vision to life.

“It’s 2 a.m., and we are still working,” expressed Odumodu. “Shout out to all the beautiful ladies that came for this set. I came all the way from Colombia for this video. Thank you, Danny Young, for flying me in on a First Class.”

As black men, Danny Young and Odumodublvck’s achievements are not only worth celebrating but also serve as powerful symbols of resilience, creativity, and excellence within the music industry and beyond. In an industry often characterised by its challenges and barriers, their ability to rise above and carve out their own paths is a testament to their unwavering determination and talent.

Both artists have demonstrated a remarkable ability to transcend boundaries and defy expectations, using their platforms to amplify black voices and narratives. Through their music, they celebrate the rich diversity and cultural heritage of the African diaspora while also addressing important social issues and advocating for positive change.

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