Celebrating a Man of Timber and Calibre: Akogun Olakanye Franklin

by Duke

Akogun Olakanye Franklin, appointed as the Deputy of Yoruba One Voice (YOV), is a Malaysian-based Yoruba son with a background that reflects dedication and proficiency. Formerly serving as the organizing secretary of YOV, his role in the organization is integral to the ongoing reorganization and repositioning efforts.

Akogun Franklin holds a degree from Lincoln University College, Malaysia, with a master’s in business administration. His academic achievements signify a commitment to continuous learning and a solid foundation in business management.

As a key member of the YOV leadership, Franklin brings a wealth of experience from his previous role as the organizing secretary. This experience indicates his familiarity with the organization’s internal workings, contributing to a seamless transition into his new position as Deputy.

Franklin’s diverse skills and academic background position him as a valuable asset in the efforts to reposition YOV and reinforce the group’s capacity to realize the dreams and aspirations of the Yoruba people.

His dedication to the organization’s objectives, coupled with his professional expertise, makes him a key player in the collective journey towards the empowerment and self-determination of the Yoruba diaspora.

Duke International Magazine wishes you a day filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments as you celebrate another year of life’s incredible journey! May this special day bring you warmth, happiness, and more impacts. Happy Birthday Akogun!

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