Bridging Continents: The Journey of Prince Olawale Suleiman Ayinla in International Trade and Leadership

by Duke

Prince Olawale Suleiman Ayinla’s trajectory into the realms of international trade and leadership started in Nigeria, a nation renowned for its cultural richness and economic promise.

Demonstrating early signs of leadership and service, he assumed the role of Troop Leader during his college tenure, laying the groundwork for a life dedicated to community and business advancement.

Olawale’s professional journey commenced with a foundational role at the National Electric Power Authority of Nigeria, where he served as a clerk from 1982 to 1983. This initial exposure offered valuable insights into large organizational dynamics, igniting his interest in business and management. Pursuing formal education to bolster his skills, he attained a Higher National Diploma in Auditing And Accountancy, followed by a Professional Degree in Internal Auditing from the Institute of Internal Auditors of Nigeria (IIAN), equipping him with the expertise to navigate financial complexities and business strategies.

From the mid-1980s to the early 2000s, Olawale accrued diverse experiences across various sectors. He held positions as an Accountant and Junior Partner at Oyawoye & Co in Ilorin, Nigeria, followed by a managerial role at Fago Nigeria Limited, demonstrating his capacity to drive business growth and operational efficacy. His entrepreneurial inclination led him overseas, where he established Gold Silktech Trade Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, assuming the roles of Chairman and CEO in 2007. Additionally, he founded the Yoruba Carnival Foundation in Malaysia in 2016, emphasizing his commitment to bolstering cultural ties and business relations between Africa and Asia.

Olawale’s career trajectory soared further with the establishment of Asankoko International Ltd, where he presently serves as Chairman and Group Managing Director. His involvement in Conspec Consolidated Ltd, Conspec Petroleum Company Ltd, Gtrade21, and the Asia Africa Chamber of Commerce underscores his steadfast commitment to nurturing bilateral trade and investment development between Asia and Africa. His dedication to this cause is further evident through his founding roles in the Nigeria Malaysia Business Development Consortium and Malaysia Traders Market Nigeria Ltd (MTM), where he serves as Founder and CEO.

Throughout his illustrious career, Olawale has been lauded for his leadership acumen, strategic foresight, and commitment to advancing economic development across continents. Holding various leadership positions, including Chairman of the Business Committee at the Nigeria in Diaspora Organization Malaysia (NIDO-MY) and President of the Asia Africa Chamber of Commerce, Africa, he has emerged as a figurehead in international trade and investment consultancy.

Prince Olawale Suleiman Ayinla transcends the archetype of a mere business leader; he is a visionary dedicated to bridging continents through commerce, cultural interchange, and community empowerment. His evolution from a college troop leader to a revered figure in international trade and investment consultancy exemplifies his resilience, dedication, and unwavering faith in collaborative growth and prosperity.

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Babatunde Nurudeen Alani April 5, 2024 - 8:26 pm

A truly self made man


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