Bolaji Odunuga: Championing Community Service and Leadership

by Duke

Celebrating another year of life, Bolaji Odunuga, the accomplished Publisher of Duchess Magazine and dedicated IT Security Analyst.

Thankful to God for her life, full of love and sacrifice for others. She is a dedicated person who immersed herself in work and community service, finding joy in quiet dinner celebrations with loved ones.

Bolaji’s commitment extends beyond personal milestones; she is deeply involved in community work, particularly through the Africa Community in Surrey & Sussex organization, supporting ethnic minorities in her community.

Bolaji Odunuga, renowned for her impactful leadership, serves as the President of the Rotary Club of Crawley, a prestigious role she assumed due to her dedication to promoting African culture and community service.

Her journey includes being the CEO of Duke and Duchess International Magazines, where she highlights the achievements of African descents, fostering a platform for positive change.

Bolaji’s commitment to kindness stems from her upbringing, where she learned the importance of compassion.

As the newly appointed President of the Rotary Club of Crawley, Bolaji Odunuga brings a wealth of experience and passion for creating positive change. Recognized for her leadership and community contributions, Bolaji’s impact extends to the global and local community.

Under her leadership, the Rotary Club of Crawley as witnessed transformative initiatives that align with their mission of “Service above self,” embracing a new era of service and impact.

Bolaji’s journey reflects a remarkable commitment to community development, making her an inspiring leader in various fields and here at Duke International Magazine, we wish her a splendid birthday! Cheers to more greatness!

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