Big win for Nollywood as Kunle Afolayan, RMD, and two others join Oscar Academy

by Duchess Magazine

Richard Mofe Damijo, C.J. Obasi, Kunle Afolayan and Jade Osiberu are among the four eminent figures from the Nigerian film industry who have been invited to join the 398 new members of the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organisation that decides who wins the Oscars. This unprecedented move represents a significant recognition of the Nigerian film industry.

This significant accomplishment, announced by the Academy in its 2023-member intake, further solidifies Nollywood’s position on the world stage and recognises the remarkable contributions these people have made to the film industry, not only in Nigeria but around the world.

Richard Mofe Damijo, better known by his stage as RMD, has been an accomplished actor for more than three decades and has received numerous awards.

Renowned director C.J. Obasi has consistently pushed the limits of Nigerian cinema, fusing genres to produce original narratives that connect with viewers throughout the world. His films, which frequently contain insightful social commentary, have been crucial in fostering a diversity of narratives in Nollywood.

An experienced producer and director, Jade Osiberu has had great success in the Nigerian film business. Her films are praised for their accurate representation, strong female protagonists, and aspirational themes and usually explore the subtleties of Nigerian life and culture.

Multi-talented director named Kunle Afolayan has led the way in Nollywood for more than ten years. Afolayan is renowned for his commitment to excellence and his talent for crafting complex stories, and his films have won numerous awards and been shown at international film festivals.

Although Nollywood has long been a major force in Africa, producing thousands of films annually, its popularity has been rather modest on a global scale. This is about to change, though, with the admission of four of its figures to the Academy.

These invites to the Academy provide a venue for greater diversity and inclusion in the Oscars voting body, which has become a contentious issue in recent years.

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