Prospective Cast for Disney’s Live-Action Hercules Movie

Idris Elba
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

Zeus: Idris Elba for sometime has been going on a slight different direction with Hercules. Perhaps, he can move away from his dad’s stance a bit. The duo having a kind of reunion might just be a fun to behold, having them both being the god and Demi-god. Elba, who has already played a Black Superman in last year’s Hobbs and Shaw might just be an auspicious step forward for him to assume this god-like role.

Jennifer Hudson
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

The Muses: Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monae, and H.E.R. The best choice made to bring the Disney Hercules being narrated in the form of the muses, who brings a melodious tune across the entirety of Hercules story. It is worth having the best version of narrating the story employing the three muses who are uniquely different; Hudson, best known for her time on American Idol and in Dreamgirls, is the most locally talented vocalist, Monae is a super-talented mutli-hyphenate who can ignite the mix with a little of funk, and H.E.R exuberance in soul genre, can go all out to shredd brilliantly on the guitar, this she has done consecutively in two years at the Grammys.

Ariana Grande
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

Meg: Ariana Grande If were going for a more traditional actor here, Emma Stone (La La Land) and Zendaya, both have the singing expertise that would fit them perfectly alongside with MBJ for the act. Meanwhile, the sonorous and ponytail voice of Ariana Grande is just good-to-go for her. Ariana, who started her career acting on Nickelodeon, so she can easily turn back the hands of time. Also, she sang Megs signature song (I Won’t Say I’m In Love) during a Disney singalong few weeks ago.

Sam Rockwell
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

Hades: Sam Rockwell, who might as been off the screen for a while, just like James Woods, but it is close to fact that his style of talking fast and slippery might just be the perfect fit the Hades’ role in the animated film. Sam Rockwell is known for his fast-talking characters, especially as the villain ‘Justin Hammer’ in Iron Man 2.

Cate Blanchett
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

Hera: Cate Blanchett, who is really trending with her elegance and style of acting is really going to portray the characteristics of Hera very good in the film. There might just be a little adjustment to Hera’s role, because the natural role of Hera in the cartoon is the quiet and loitering around type,  but with the introduction of Cate Blanchetta, who is a multiple Award Winner, it is going to be another story entirely. 

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

Pain and Panic: Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz. With Hades loyal henchmen duo carrying a lot of the movies comic relief load. This comedy duo is seen as the round peg in the hole for these roles. Middleditch led Silicon Valley, and Schwartz acting in Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation, so much place the two fit with their natural comic stance and their three new Netflix specials have proven that they can make you laugh with literally no material prepared. 

Danny DeVito
Image credit: Disney/ Getty images

Phil: Danny DeVito, who is not new to the film with his role in the 1997s original Hercules. It is apparent that no one can fit into this role better than he do. His strength is getting revitalized, even at age 75.

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