International Women in Engineering Day

by Duchess Magazine

Today, Thursday 23, June 2022, is International Women in Engineering Day and its theme is “focusing on the inventors and innovators who will change the industry for the better” The day is set aside to commend and reveal the contribution and effort of women in engineering field.
International Women in Engineering Day was brought about by Women’s Engineering Society (WES) and is celebrating its 9th year in 2022.
According to a youth survey report by the National Bureau of Statistics, in Nigeria young men are almost twice as likely to have a career in computer science and technology-related fields as women.
A research by the National Bureau of Statistics has also revealed that In Nigeria, women make up on the average of just 22% of the total number of Engineering and Technology university graduates each year which is why the few who chose the path should be celebrated for their bravery.
According to Julie Crawshaw, Engineering Project Manager at Warwickshire County Council, “Engineers are our often unsung heroes who plan new highway developments ensuring that residents are supported through excellent transport infrastructure; they design and deliver road safety improvements and flood mitigation defences that keep residents safer and help to maintain our historic monuments, such as bridges, preventing them from degradation due to the ravages of time and weather. ”

We celebrate the following African women who have and are still making wave in the engineering field.

North Africa: Tayseer Abu Al-Nasr
She is an Egyptian electrical engineer. She has bachelor’s degree from Cairo University and her master’s and Ph.D. from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. She currently is the dean at the University of British Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science and the University of Ottawa School of Engineering.

Eastern Africa: Nasra Agil
She is a Somali-Canadian civil engineer. She has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Ryerson University. She also ranked one of the first recorded instances of a woman of Somalian woman getting a degree in engineering, Canada.

Central Africa: Therese Izay-Kirongozi
Theresa is a Congolese industrial engineer She studied at the Higher Institute of Applied Techniques. She is renowned for best known humanoid traffic robots which she created. Human traffic robots helps in traffic regulation in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Southern Africa: Bavelile Hlongwa
Bavelile was practicing chemical engineering in South Africa before becoming the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy in 2019. She was also an active member of the African National Congress. She later became a member of the National Assembly of South Africa in 2019 where she continued rendering her service until her death later in 2019.

West Africa : Funke Opeke
Funke is a Nigerian-born electrical engineer. She holds bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Obafemi Awolowo University and Columbia University, respectively. She worked for Verizon Communications in the Information and Communications technology department. Funke’s notable engineering contribution to Nigeria is the founding of a OneMain Cable, a Company which provides communication services and network solutions. OneMain Cable built the first private open-access cable which spans 7,000 km and also connects Portugal to South Africa via connections in several western African companies, including Nigeria.

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