Duke Woman Crush Wednesday: Mwangala Maunga

by Duchess Magazine

Introducing Mwangala Maunga

She created a solar water purifier at the age of 12 to bring clean water to both rural and urban parts of Zambia.

Mwangala’s purifiers are made using an inventive combination of wooden or metal sheet enclosures, black paint for insulation, heat-absorbing black trays, reflective materials, sheets of glass, glue, and catch troughs. Mwangala was inspired by the prevalence of waterborne diseases that exist in most African countries.

This young scientist, innovator, and champion for children’s rights is from Lusaka, Zambia, and has won numerous awards. She is a student at Roma Girls Secondary School at the moment.

At the DStv Africa Multi Choice – Cartoon Network Powerpuff Girls Awards in 2018, Mwangala took up the prize for best inventor in the science and technology category.

At the Push Women Awards in 2019, she won the Brenda Muntemba Award for a (Emerging Young African Leader) as the youngest recipient ever.

She was the youngest and only speaker from Zambia at the virtual International Youth Day in August 2020, which also featured Hon. Emma Theofelus, Namibia’s youngest deputy minister of information and technology.

She registered Girl Power Platform as an organization in 2021.

She received the Youngest STEM Change Maker Award at the Genius Education Zambia Awards in December 2021.

Mwangala Maunga is proof that being young is an asset rather than a restriction. She has a passion for science and technology and has discovered methods to incorporate it into real-world applications that promote sustainable development and give young females more authority.

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