Celebrating Father’s Day 2022

by Duchess Magazine

Father’s Day is a day assigned to truly celebrate men of different races who have embraced the essentiality of fatherhood.

While the United Kingdom, India, Canada and some other countries in the world, celebrate on the third Sunday of every year, some Catholic countries have theirs on 19th March. Places like Australia even celebrate on the second Sunday in September while Finland, Norway and Sweden celebrate in November.

Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd was said to have been the one that popularized Father’s Day

The first known Father’s Day service happened in Fairmont, West Virginia, on 5th July 1908, after the event that led to the death of  hundreds of men in US. A Sunday service pioneered by Golden Clayton,the daughter of a committed reverend was held.

Today June 19, 2022, fathers are once again being acknowledged and celebrated in Nigeria,United Kingdom, India, Canada and some other countries.

We also use the medium to thank fathers and father- figures alike for their immense support and sacrifices for their family.

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