Ablade Glover Celebrated with Exhibition, Book

by Duchess Magazine

Ablade Glover, a Ghanaian painter was recently honored by art enthusiasts in Lagos.

In order to share his wealth of knowledge, the 88-year-old artist traveled to Nigeria. The event began on December 4 and will end on December 18, 2022, with a solo show named “The passing of Time” and curated by Dozie Igweze.

Glover is a modern counterpart to seasoned Nigerian artists like Bruce Onobrakpeya and Kolade Oshinowo. The exhibition featured 45 pieces by Glover that he created over a 15-year period. Markets, a group to which his mother formerly belonged, individuals, and woodlands were among the subjects of the pieces that were displayed in succession.

Unveiling of a biography of the artist was another highlight of the continuing display. Dozie Igweze penned a book titled “Crowd and Queens: The Art of Ablade Glover.”

Igweze revealed to Merrymakers that it took him around a year to create the book.

“It took three years. I had to have interviews with him, and putting together the pictures, which is a crucial part of it. We got the pictures together and we start to decide which would make the final cut. The first person who did photography was essentially more of a fashion photographer, which meant that his instinct was to make the surfaces smooth and beautiful. At a point, we had to start over again. It was a bit of a back and forth until we eventually got it right.”

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