Celebrating the Birth of a Rare Gem

by Duchess Magazine

Yinka Odeajo is the President, Ireland African Music Awards (IAMA) and Executive Director of Custodian Global Consult.

Man’s ability to become indisputably relevant to his immediate environment is his actual advantage. However, a man’s success is not inexpensive! It is dependent on the fundamental principle of perseverance.

Success is not something that is offered à la carte; rather, it is a buffet that you must scrounge for, which makes you realize that you must be consistent in your habits and cultivate concepts that would support your lofty goals and life’s work.

However, Odeajo has served as the Executive Director of Ireland, West African Business & Economic Council (IWABEC), a leading organization for ethical development and pro-trade that is situated in Dublin, Ireland, thanks to its leadership abilities in trade and investment. In this role, he takes pride in the significant accomplishments he has made, both in Nigeria and Ireland, as he played a key role in a series of successful property & investment trade fairs and partnerships for development, as well as the introduction of investment opportunities into various Nigerian states.

Odeajo serves as the President of the Ireland African Music Awards (IAMA) Academy, shattering preconceptions and advancing African music in the European island nation of Ireland. This ceremony honors African musicians who have made significant contributions to the development of music in the nation with a heavy Irish influence.

He is an experienced journalist and cites his position as publisher of Bold & Beautiful, Ireland as evidence of his significant influence in the Irish music industry.

The Igbajo native also holds the position of Executive Director of Custodian Global Consult, a company that offers services including media relations, investor relations, public relations, and event management.

Odeajo continues to defy the odds in the Diaspora to put Africa on the map of the world’s success, remaining the epitome of Black brilliance.

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